Q: Are there Vegan and, or Gluten-free,Vegetarian options available?
A: Yes, upon request. There may be additional fees.

Q: Are there discounts offered to NGO’s?
A: We offer resources to NGO's on a case bye case case. If you have questions for your organization click HERE and we'll get in contact with you.

Q: When do I have to book?
A: Secure your date as soon as possible. We are currently booking into 2023 but have a few dates available in 2022. All details need to be confirmed two weeks before the event date. 

Q: Is the guest allowed to bring in their own decor?
A: Yes, we also have a list of wedding vendor's who've worked in this space before.

Q: Can the guest bring in their own food?
A: No, we offer in-house catering and our chefs would be more than happy to work with you to develop a menu with you.

WEDDING GUESTS: We provide a dessert table with an assortment of pastry and Canadian cheeses, but we ask that you provide your own wedding cake. With your Wedding Package we also cut your cake and serve it.

Q: Is there a place for brides to get ready?
A: Stay tuned for this! Coming 2022.

Q: What if it’s raining (outdoor events)?
A: We have a tented area and, depending on availability, we can transfer you to the Chapel at no additional cost or Borden Hall at an additional fee.

Q. Can I bring in live music?
A. Yes! We love having live music in our space and the acoustics are amazing.  

If you have any additional questions about your event click HERE.

Our Spaces:

CHAPEL: (max cap: 35) 70
Uses: bridal shower/celebration of life/ VIP room/private dining/ anniversary celebrations/ corporate events/ corporate meetings

Small intimate gatherings.

COURTYARD: close 1am/ no more bookings weather TBD - (max cap: 55) 110
Uses: business friendly events up to 70/ wedding reception/ team building events/ birthdays/ retirement party

TERRACE: close 2am / no more bookings weather TBD - max cap: (66 - heaters) 136

BORDEN HALL: max cap: (160) 320

Uses: galas/ weddings/ bigger events & parties/ fundraisers/political events/ large scale events/NGO events