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From seed to stem to flower to fruit to seed…
Spirals of life.

As we get lost in the day-to-day details of our lives,
we sometimes forget that life is not a linear process but rather a series of spiralling patterns of EXPERIENCE and RESISTANCE:
in our cells,
in the earth’s waters,
in the seasons,
in the people around us…

These ENDLESS SPIRALS bring us back to beginnings where we can see things in a new light and lead us to endings where we can choose the next step.

Big or small, these circles are our journey.

Setting off on a new path,
uncertain of the outcome,
unaware of the dangers
and delights to be encountered,
yet certain that this is the way to go.

Finding ourselves back where we started, looking out on a fresh beginning from a familiar place, recognizing we’ve come a long way.

Somehow the same.
Somehow different.
Somehow changed.

The 5Rhythms Waves map guides us as we embody those spirals of energy in each wave, again and again, until we trust that our bodies know these paths.

We’ll explore the circles within circles, the waves within waves, the rhythms within rhythms, till we find ease in surrendering to the movement of our lives.

from Breath to Beat to Body to Breath…

March 22nd, 23rd & 24th
Friday 7pm – 9:30pm
Saturday 11:30am – 6pm
Sunday 10:30am – 4:30pm

$275 registration
Friday night only: $35

Contact Melissa for information + registration

Counts as 2.5 days of Waves on the 5R Teacher Training path

NO REFUND after March 8th unless YOU find a replacement;
admin charge of $35 applies.

LYNNE ADAMS is an actor, dancer and certified 5Rhythms teacher.
She is part of the global movement of re-awakening ourselves to our potential and purpose. Through her workshops, classes and special events she invites you to become an active member of the embodied souls tribe co-creating a heart-full world.
She believes that coming home to our bodies in a compassionate and creative way is key to healing this world, one step at a time, one dance at a time.

Find out more at: http://tribeconnections.com/

Find out more about the 5Rhythms practice: https://www.5rhythms.com/