Cultural Memories Workshop

//Cultural Memories Workshop
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How can we create and integrate livable and affordable student housing without sacrificing the neighbourhood? What of our built heritage do we want to save and what are we willing to offer up for change? How will we manage change? How can long and short-term residents work together to build a better and more inclusive Sandy Hill?

Join us for a get-together to discuss challenges facing Sandy Hill, to develop collective priorities and ideas for creating positive change, and to explore options for strategic action.

The workshop will follow a four-part program, involving:

Presentations on Sandy Hill’s history and heritage, its changing demography, and the projected impacts of economic development
and City planning priorities.

Breakout groups to brainstorm ideas to meet challenges facing our community.

Individual group presentations initiating larger group discussion.

Group assessment of next steps to establish common priorities and
possibilities for strategic action.


Refreshments will be provided.

6-9 pm, January 17, 2018
Bate Hall, allsaints Event Space
10 Blackburn Ave.

CULTURAL MEMORY WORKSHOPS explore collective memory, place-making, and stimulate collaborative public historical practice. Visit for information on upcoming workshops.