CONCERT: Gabino Palomares

//CONCERT: Gabino Palomares
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Gabino Palomares is a singer songwriter from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Since the early 70s he started to promote the folk/protest songs in Mexico. Soon, some of his songs became famous among the grassroots movements in Latin America, like “Maldición de Malinche” (Malinche’s Curse) that describes the servile attitude of the oppressed towards the Spanish Conquistadores as an analogy of today’s status quo.

The Latin American New Song Movement, (Movimiento de la Nueva Canción Latinoamericana) was a mixture of local folk and modern music with folk and political lyrics, representing a blend of the roots and contemporary art forms of the Latin American cultural resistance movements. Gabino has travelled worldwide sharing his music with large and small audiences.