Breaking Bread, Breaking Stigma breaks fundraising record for Hopewell

There can be only one 2021 Sandwich Sovereign of Ottawa. And yet, it really did feel like all six participating chefs were winners when the entire audience rose unexpectedly from their seats to give them a long and appreciative standing ovation at Breaking Bread, Breaking Stigma.

The local chefs were part of a gourmet sandwich competition featured in the major fundraiser for the Hopewell Eating Disorders Support Centre. The benefit was held Tuesday at allsaints event space, a former church in Sandy Hill that’s been repurposed as an urban gathering spot and restaurant.

“This is really what saving this space was about: an opportunity to bring people together around a common cause and just continue to create that sense of community,” said allsaints president Leanne Moussa as she told the crowd of 140 how honoured and thrilled they were to be presenting sponsor.